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Founded in 1990, the Register of Nutritional Therapists brings practitioners together, represents their interests, lobbies parliaments, and provides access to a full range of distance learning and college courses from Foundation to B.Sc., M.Sc., or Ph.D.


  • Self-taught and formally trained therapists can join the Register as Full Members and work up the ladder of educational courses to attain the level at which they choose to work.
  • Students can join the Register as Student Members.
  • Associate membership is for any person or organisation interested in supporting our therapy.
  • The Register's web site will inform the public as to the skills available from our therapists and will enable them to find a therapist appropriate to their needs.
  • The Register can direct therapists and students towards courses, both in-college and distance-learning, provided by recognised colleges.
  • We also offer the Register's RNT Update to existing practitioners, a home study compilation, to attain the advanced level of European Certified Nutritional Practitioner (ECNP).
  • The ECNP is the entrance requirement for the Bachelor Conversion Course which enables practitioners to access the appropriate science subjects at degree level to attain the:-
    Distance Learning Bachelor of Science Degree in Health Sciences (Nutritional Medicine
Students and practitioners can move from Foundation to Advanced Level and then to Fast Track Conversion into the Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional Medicine) Degree. Our qualified practitioners can then progress to their Masters Degree in Nutritional Medicine or Ph.D.

All study is designed around the concept of Distance Learning and the courses may be started as soon as you are ready.

We will be using computers and internet for communication with practitioners from around the world as well as for accessing and distributing research. It will become necessary therefore, if you are not yet computer literate, to take a short computer course and organise access to equipment.

The Distance Learning Degree Courses delivered by the Register of Nutritional Therapists have been put together as a collaboration between the Register of Nutritional Therapists (UK) and the Australian College of Natural Medicine in Brisbane, Australia. You can access their own web site on www.acnm.edu.au.

The Aims of the Register

To develop Educational Standards & Professional Qualifications with International Recognition
To formulate a Public Awareness programme
To evolve a monitoring process to ensure that Agreed Principles and Ethics are maintained

The Register is open to:

  • Existing practitioners whether self-taught or formally trained
  • Students and new-comers to the profession
  • Members of the public and organisations interested in supporting Nutritional Medicine

Two levels of practitioner are currently recognised

1 Nutritional Adviser (Basic / Level 1)
2 Nutritional Practitioner / Consultant (Advanced / Level 2)

The Register of Nutritional Therapists definition of the different levels

  • The Nutritional Adviser will have completed a Foundation Course and been assessed.
  • The Nutritional Practitioner will have completed an Advanced Course and been assessed.
The Nutritional Adviser will be concerned with the maintenance of good health, advising on dietary and lifestyle changes.

The Nutritional Practitioner / Consultant will be concerned with diagnosing, identifying the root cause of disease, carrying out appropriate tests and recommending such nutritional supplements and dietary / lifestyle changes as may be appropriate to achieving an amelioration of conditions.

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