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The RNT Update: Home Study Modules for an Advanced Diploma

Since its inception the Register of Nutritional Therapists determined to offer its self-taught members the chance to achieve and demonstrate a high standard of educational qualification.

We developed the RNT Update, a distance-learning programme, which provides superb study and research material. It also provides Final Assessment Papers to complete at home. This enables practitioners to study in their own time and prove their skills at an Advanced level.

Australian Degree based on the RNT Update

With the success of the RNT Update, we were contacted by an Australian university, to use our material, and form a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nutritional Medicine.

Development of the:

RNT Update
Bachelor of Science Degree
FAST TRACK Bachelor Conversion Course
Masters Degree

It soon followed that we could offer credits towards the Bachelor Degree, for Existing Practitioners' course-work, and this became the Bachelor Conversion Course (FAST TRACK)

Practitioners can then move on to take a Masters Degree or Ph.D.

Foundation Courses:

We soon discovered the great need for good foundation courses. The RNT Update requires a good level of previous knowledge and we lacked access to a suitable foundation course to get potential therapists prepared.

The Australian College of Natural Medicine (ACNM) offered a Diploma course that would double up as a Foundation Course and constitute half of the Degree.

Other UK Foundation Courses were then being developed and we can now direct potential students to a variety of choices.

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