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Development of the RNT Update:

Because there were no qualifications for self-taught therapists, members were initially accepted onto the Register by meeting the requirements of a questionnaire.

In 1990, nutritional therapy had scarcely been defined and finding relevant information, appropriate books or reliable material was like searching for a needle in a haystack.

By opening the Register of Nutritional Therapists and by bringing people together we discovered that our aims were the same but our individual knowledge base could be patchy. One therapist's speciality could well be another therapist's black spot.

It became essential to pool our data, to set it out in a constructive fashion and to deliver it in a way that existing practitioners could easily access it.

The RNT Update was formed:
The Register of Nutritional Therapists developed a method of advanced home-studying and in 1996 we completed the production of the RNT Update which is both a training, and assessment programme, granting the European Certified Nutritional Practitioner Award (ECNP)

The ECNP has subsequently become the entry qualification for the BCC, a FAST TRACK Bachelor Conversion Course. (More details on FAST TRACK below)

The RNT Update is a valuable compilation of advanced material, delivered in a structured self-study form and it includes assessment papers for practitioners to demonstrate their application and skills.

The creation of the RNT Update was assisted by leading practitioners from around the world.

Put through its paces in a week of intensive inspection in Sweden, the RNT Update was accepted unanimously by the attending leading therapists from Denmark, Holland, Italy, Sweden and UK.

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