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The RNT's Provisions for Practitioners without Recognised Paper Qualifications:

Self-Taught practitioners, who represent a sizeable group, may lack the appropriate paper qualifications to demonstrate their skills and competence in the clinical setting.

For these therapists, the register has developed the RNT Update and a ladder of courses from Foundation to Masters Degree.
Assessment of existing courses:

Schools and courses not meeting the required standards will have time to change and meet those standards.

Clinical Hours Assessments:

A certain number of hours of clinical assessment will be required by each therapist.

These hours will be incorporated in the delivery of taught classes but for Distance Learning courses the method of assessment in the clinical situation will be offered to accommodate the principles of distance learning.

Therapists will be encouraged to attend teaching and assessment centres. The benefits of meeting with other therapists and sharing information are well worth considering.

For those, too distant from centres or who are unable to travel, a method of video assessment will be developed.

Proof of continued study:

All therapists will need to demonstrate proof of continuing development and study.

A certain number of credit study hours per annum will be determined and methods for enabling participation. Please contact me for further information.

Normally this is carried out by attendance at lectures, for which credit hours are granted.

This will be suitable for those who are able to travel to lecture centres and for whom the lecture will be worth attending.

The Register of Nutritional Therapists however recognises that geographically distant therapists may find it difficult to travel and we are preparing to accept the concept of electronic attendance.

The RNT will endeavour to have suitable lectures placed on a web site. Questions about the lecture will be asked and attending therapists will be able to send their answers in via email or some other mechanism. On satisfactory completion of answers, credit hours can be awarded.

The point about proof of continued development is that therapists can demonstrate that they are progressing with the times and keeping themselves updated, which provides a better service to the public.

Keeping the licence current:

Proof of attained credit hours will almost certainly be a condition of keeping a practitioner's licence current.

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