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The RNT Update has been developed by the Register of Nutritional Therapists Ltd. for working practitioners to study in their own home and in their own time. Payments can also be spread out.

The RNT Update is a compilation of valuable advanced information which practitioners require to enhance and further their practising skills. Essential information has been gathered from around the world and is presented in a self-study form to suit the working practitioner's developing needs.

The work has been broken into nine study modules:-

Modules 1 & 2 Digestion and the Clinical Management of Gut Dysbiosis

Module 3 Molecular Nutrition and Biophysical Chemistry

Module 4 Detoxification and Environment

Module 5 Sexual Development and the Endocrine System

Module 6 The Nervous System, Brain and Mental Disorders

Module 7 The Heart and Circulatory System

Module 8 The Musculo-Skeletal System

Module 9 The Immune and Lymphatic System

 Each Module has an Assessment Paper which can be completed at home.

 Papers are marked by a State-Recognised External Examination Assessor.

 Marking fees are included in the cost of the RNT Update.

 Competence in all nine assessments will gain the Award of ECNP.

 This Award will entitle qualified practitioners to carry the initials ECNP (European Certified Nutritional Practitioner) after their name.

 A Licence Number is allocated to each ECNP, to authenticate the practitioner's qualification.

 The ECNP Award qualifies for entry onto the Bachelor Conversion Course (BCC). This is a shortened course allowing credits for previous learning. It requires a minimum of 1 year of full-time study and can be studied part-time over a longer period.

 The BCC is a fast track, distance learning course attaining a Bachelor of Science Degree in Health Sciences (Nutritional Medicine) and it is delivered by the Australian College of Natural Medicine (ACNM), Brisbane, Australia.

 RNT Update Study material is currently presented in attractive ring-binders in a loose-leaf format. We are in the process of transcribing it to CD Rom.

 Printed transcripts of ten audio-cassette tapes replace our former tapes. With the kind permission of Dr. Jeffrey Bland in Seattle, USA, relevant articles have been selected from over five years of his very informative Functional Medicine Update cassette tapes.

 The RNT Update has an introductory resource section with details of relevant publications, audio-cassette packages, radio and television programmes, diagnostic laboratories, help-lines, computer data bases etc.

 Each module has a structured study guide.

 The RNT Update contains Self-Assessment Questions. These enable the practitioner to identify those areas in need of extra attention, when revising. These questions are not marked by the External Examination Assessor. They are intended as study guidelines only.

 Essential and Recommended study books are listed, with relevant chapters and study pages identified.

 Books are available from the Nutri Centre, 7 Park Crescent, London, WIN 3HE. The Nutri Centre has a vast array of Alternative Therapy books which it will dispatch by post. It has agreed a Discount for RNT Update members of up to 25%

 A 200 page publication accompanies the RNT Update. Covering specific disorders, it provides a quick reference for proposed lifestyle changes, dietary and supplement recommendations. This offers a guideline to novice practitioners, helping them to form dietary programmes or validate their own diagnoses.

 Optional Group Study Sessions can be arranged in localised areas, where practitioners can get together to share their knowledge and experiences. A modest attendance fee may be charged for the Optional Group Study Sessions.

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