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The Register of Nutritional Therapists (RNT): Constitution of Members

Before training courses were readily available, the RNT's membership traditionally consisted of pioneering self-taught therapists. Some of these people became teachers and membership now includes many who have graduated from formal in-class training.

Most traditional therapists will have become therapists when they were obliged to search for, and find, a solution to problems which could not be resolved by conventional medicine. Through their own research and self-teaching they will have realised that diet can and does have an enormous impact on well being.

More recent members, realising the same importance of diet, may have preferred to follow in-class courses. The number of nutritional therapy colleges delivering courses, either by distance-learning (home-study) or formally taught in college has grown over the last ten years.

Moreover, it is evident that this wide variety of courses produces therapists with different skills and qualities.

The Register acknowledges two levels of therapist:
Nutritional Advisers and Nutritional Practitioners / Consultants.

The Register welcomes members who are self-taught existing practitioners.

Costs and criteria for Membership of the Register of Nutritional Therapists Ltd.

Full Membership
Full membership is offered to both the Nutritional Adviser and the Nutritional Practitioner.
Full members will be identified for public clarity as either Adviser or Practitioner and a description of their scope of practice will accompany any promotion made on their behalf, by the Register of Nutritional Therapists Ltd.

N.B. In time, Professional Qualifications and Attendance Assessments will become a necessity. Guidance on how to access the above is given on our Education and Training Page.
Student Membership
Students and self-taught new-comers to the world of Nutritional Therapy may join as student members. Their names will not be issued to the public until they have graduated from a foundation course and been formally assessed as Nutritional Advisers (Level 1).

Associate Membership
Associate membership is for anyone or organisation wishing to support and be kept in touch with the progress of nutritional therapy through our web site and quarterly newsletter.

Membership Fees.
Full Membership - £100 p.a.
Student Membership - £ 20 p.a.
Associate Membership - £ 45 p.a. or more if desired

RNT membership. Current Joining Requirements. Future requirements for existing members.

Although the Register of Nutritional Therapists is open to all applicants, it must ascertain, on the public's behalf, that its therapists meet the required standards and that they function within their defined roles.

As European legislation continues to threaten our long-term access to the supplements of our choice, the different therapies continue to establish National Occupational Standards and the setting of educational criteria for their therapists.

What does the public want?

What matters to the public is the competence of a therapist. The RNT feels very strongly that competence is more relevant in the workplace than a theoretical knowledge which is not supported by an ability to apply that knowledge.

Competence must be demonstrated.

This can only be achieved if therapists can have access to sound educational material and then to a method of assessment which can properly demonstrate their acquired skills.


Students members can join the Register of Nutritional Therapists as Student
Nutritional Advisers: can join the Register if they have completed a course of study and passed their assessments with the foundation colleges affiliated to the Register.
Existing Practitioners: already on the Register, will be considered Nutritional Advisers (Level 1) if they have not completed the RNT Update.
Nutritional Practitioners: who have completed the RNT Update will be promoted as Nutritional Practitioners / Consultants (Level 2)
New members seeking to join the register will find an application form under the heading APPLICATION FORM
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