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Why you gain from joining the Register of Nutritional Therapists.

Since its inception the Register of Nutritional Therapists has been defending our therapy from the growing political moves, in the UK, in Europe and throughout the world, to curtail the delivery of nutritional therapy.

Throughout the last twelve years supplements have been the target of international legislation which is out of touch with all reason. Supplements have been touted as either useless or dangerous, by governments and legislators who have been co-opted to reduce their availability on the grounds of "public safety".

The reasoned argument that alcohol and tobacco are more dangerous carries no weight with governments because exercising the freedom of choice to use supplements empowers people to take control of their health and reduce their dependency on pharmaceutical drugs.

Our supplements are being removed before our very eyes and it is essential to stand together to support those organisations fighting to secure our access to the supplements of our choice.

Legislation has already been passed by the EU to limit supplements to the few that are stated on a POSITIVE LIST. Anything not on that list will not be allowed unless a licence is applied for and is accepted.

The EU is now setting upper limits to the size of doses allowed. It is hardly surprising that the limits proposed are almost insignificant from a therapeutic point of view.

Conflicting messages:
At the same time as governments (including our own UK government) yield to the powers of the EU our government is nevertheless assisting us in the effort to get our therapies regulated and recognised.

With the eyes of Europe focusing on any fault that we might harbour, we believe it is better to show that we are capable of proper self-regulation and proper management of the tools of our trade, namely our nutritional supplements.

Many Organisations have emerged to defend our freedom of choice and access to our supplements and the RNT is working with such organisations.

The Register of Nutritional Therapists exists to help practitioners to improve their knowledge and skills and to ensure that the public can be helped by appropriately qualified therapists.

Join us now:

If you are a therapist and you have a voice to be heard, your needs will be better represented if you belong to a registering organisation than if you stand outside.

Nutritional Therapy needs maximum support and the Register of Nutritional Therapists can help you to determine a future in the delivery of nutritional therapy.

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